Education and Outreach

As part of our interest in educating the public and ensuring the best system of justice, Modern Courts is sharing the Historical Society of the New York Courts and the Commercial Division Advisory Council new short film about the Commercial Division of the New York State Supreme Court.

The film portrays recent improvements to the Commercial Division’s rules, procedures, and operations which have been designed to be responsive to the needs and concerns of the business community.  The ultimate goal of these changes is to make the business litigation process in New York more cost‑effective, predictable, and expeditious, and to thereby provide a more hospitable environment for business litigation in New York State. 



Modern Courts organizes forums and panel discussions designed to educate the public about pressing court-related issues.

June 2011  – Juvenile Justice: The Criminal Age of Responsibilty in New York – Video of Forum 2011

June 2010  – Juvenile Justice in New York State: Practice, Policy Proposal and the Need for Reform – Video of Forum 2010

June 9, 2009Legal Services in a Time of Crisis: Policy, Practice and Economics

May 13, 2008Challenges to Justice in Domestic Violence Cases in New York State: Gaps, Successes and the Future

April 17, 2007Perspectives on Criminal Law in Town and Village Justice Courts: Is There Justice in Justice Courts?

April 17, 2006Matrimony Matters: Improving the Process for Families in Transition

May 2, 2006Picking Judges: How To Do It and Why It Matters

October 25, 2005Witness to Justice: Reopening New York State Courtrooms to Camera Coverage

October 26, 2004Focus on Mental Health Courts

March 22, 2004 – Justice for All

December 9, 2003New Initiatives in Adoption

December 11, 2002Commission on Judicial Conduct

June 4, 2002Integrated Domestic Violence Courts

December 6, 2001Juveniles and the Courts


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