2003 Cyrus R. Vance Tribute

Honoree: Eliot J. Spitzer

New York State Attorney

In October 2003, the Fund for Modern Courts presented its First Annual Cyrus R. Vance Tribute and acknowledged the work of New York State Attorney General Eliot J. Spitzer. Modern Courts was pleased to recognize Attorney General Spitzer’s outstanding work at the inaugural Vance Tribute.

As an advocate, and as a proponent of the justice system as a means to protect individual rights, Eliot Spitzer is an exemplary public servant. As Attorney General, Eliot Spitzer has made New York a national leader in investor protection, environmental stewardship, labor rights, personal privacy, public safety and criminal law enforcement. Mr. Spitzer’s work on issues such as gun violence, white-collar fraud, Internet marketing practices, air pollution and employee benefits has earned him a reputation as “the People’s Lawyer.”

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