Criminal Justice

New York State Raises the Age of Criminal Responsibility – 2017

New York State’s recently enacted budget includes legislation to raise the age of criminal responsibility to 18 years old, enabling thousands of youth to avoid having a criminal record and receive the services they need, while keeping communities safer.

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Public Defense and Right to Counsel – 2017

A new law creates a roadmap for establishing and upholding statewide standards for effective legal representation of New Yorkers charged with crimes who are unable to afford a private attorney. The law directs the Office of Indigent Legal Services with establishing and upholding standards that address the presence of counsel at a criminal defendant’s first court appearance; reasonable limits on the caseloads public defenders can carry; proper training, supervision, and support staff for attorneys; and access to resources needed to mount an effective defense. The legislation leaves responsibility for funding public defense operations with New York’s counties with the state reimbursing counties and cities for the cost of complying with these new standards.

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