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Modern Courts focuses on judicial selection, court simplification and access to justice. Watch this short video to learn more….

New York’s Court System is a relic from the 19th century.

To provide justice today, we must modernize the New York State court system.

Our present multiple court system creates confusion among the people the courts are supposed to serve, gives judges only partial ability to see the full picture of the case, wastes time for litigants which often results in loss of work and wages, and generates a system that is difficult, if not impossible, to understand.

Simplification will remove the barriers that impact litigants, families, victims, local government, small business, lawyers, nonprofit organizations, judges and court personnel and anyone who uses the courts because it will integrate the courts in a way that eliminates the need to go to different courts for different yet related issues. Court simplification will permit more resources to go to the courts that need them the most.

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Fines and Fees and Jail Time in New York Town and Village Justice Courts

The Unseen Violation of Constitutional and State Law

The report found that many town and village justice courts throughout New York ignore the law by issuing bench warrants and jail terms for defendants who are unable to pay fines and fees due to their poverty.

Failure to pay the fines imposed by the justice courts can result in significant consequences for a defendant, including imprisonment until the fine is collected. The report, which is based on extensive interviews, discussions and a statewide-survey, makes it clear that imprisonment for failure to pay fines stretches across New York.

Read Modern Courts’ Fines And Fees Report

Legal reference guides on the complex intersection of family court issues and federal immigration laws, policy, and enforcement.

These legal reference guides are created for all who use the courts. We focus on providing members of the NYS judiciary and court personnel with an accessible resource that presents the important role of state court judges. The materials are also useful for attorneys, community organizations, nonprofits, government agencies and the public.

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The Fund for Modern Courts is a non-partisan, independent, statewide, court reform organization that advocates for the improvement of the New York State court system and for ensuring a diverse, highly qualified and independent judiciary. Our advocacy efforts, citizens’ court monitoring programs, engagement of large law firms in the support of projects that improve access to justice, current issue-based forum development, collaboration with civil legal service and criminal justice organizations, court monitoring and Task Force research projects provide the means by which Modern Courts achieves a wide range of improvements in the State judiciary.

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