Family Court Reform

The Committee for Modern Courts supports providing more resources to the Family Court.

Civil Legal Services

The Committee for Modern Courts supports civil legal services in New York State.

Supporting Judges

The Committee for Modern Courts strongly supported increasing judicial salaries and the creation of the Special Commission on Judicial Compensation.

Town and Village Courts

The Committee for Modern Courts Task Force supports reform of the Town and Village Justice Courts in New York State.

Court Simplification

The Committee for Modern Courts supports the New York State restructuring the state’s trial court system to make it more efficient, effective and accessible.

Judicial Selection

The cornerstone of Modern Courts’ mission; Modern Courts endorses the system known as a commission based appointive system” or “merit selection.”

Judicial Diversity

The Committee for Modern Courts is outspoken in its support for a diverse judiciary. A judiciary which reflects the broad diversity of the state enhances public confidence in the administration of justice.

Criminal Justice

The Committee for Modern Courts supports the legislation that will provide for a statewide independent public defense system.

Citizen Court Monitoring

In 1975, the Fund for Modern Courts pioneered an initiative designed to give New York citizens a powerful voice in how their courts are run. This groundbreaking program, known as Citizen Court Monitoring, is straightforward: From around the state, groups of non-lawyer volunteers observe court proceedings on a regular basis.

Education & Outreach

The Fund for Modern Courts organizes forums and panel discussions to educate the public about new developments and ongoing concerns in New York’s courts. These public events help build an informed constituency to promote court reform.

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